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Hana's Films

Green Days

Ava is a depressed Iranian Girl. She goes to psychologist for treatment. She sees past political incident in Iran as the cause of her depression. 
The psychologist advise her to do some labor work like cleaning the staircases and even asks her to...

Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame

Amidst the wreckage beneath the ruined statue of the Buddha, thousands of families struggle to survive. Baktay, a six-year-old Afghan girl is challenged to go to school by her neighbour's son who reads in front of their cave. Having found the money to buy...

Samira & Non-professional Actors

This is an educational documentary by Hana Makhmalbaf on Samira Makhmalbaf’s style of filmmaking and the techniques she uses to lead non professional actors.

Joy of Madness

Samira Makhmalbaf goes to Kabul for making her next film, 5 in the Afternoon. Like before she goes between ordinary people and try to cast for the shooting. But in Afghanistan no one accepts to act in film. Everyone is afraid of the others. Mullah...

The Day My Aunt Was ill

When Hana’s aunt goes to the hospital to have a nose job, grandpa comes to take care of the kids. The kids go play in the alley, but to be on the safe side, grandpa suggest they’d come back home. They accept to return home on the one condition...