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Mohsen's Films

Marghe And Her Mother

Claudia, a 22 year-old single mother, gets evicted from her house for not being able to pay the rent. She is forced to leave her six years old daughter with an old lady, while she goes to search for a job and her never found true love.



The Tenant

It’s the story of a young Iranian boy who has come to London to seek asylum as a refugee. He has been tenant of an old lady for the past three month. However he cannot afford paying his £400 monthly rent.
The Landlady wants to throw him out. But...

The President

The President tells the story of a dictator who comes face to face with the people he previously subjugated.
The President and his family rule their land with an iron fist, enjoying lives of luxury and leisure at the expense of their population's misery....

Ongoing Smile

At the age of 74, many people retire themselves or go and spend the rest of their life in elderly’s house. But Kim Dong-Ho has made the decision to live like a young and energetic man until the end of his life.
He gets up early around 4 am...

The Gardener

An Iranian film maker and his son travel to Israel to investigate a world religion with around 7 million followers, which originated in Iran about a hundred and seventy years ago. Youth from all over the world come to Haifa, the center of this religion,...

The Chair

A man goes to talk to god in desert. As he starts his speech, all the creatures in the desert get scared of the way he talks to his god and run away…

Scream Of The Ants

A girl believing in god is in love with an atheist. They decide to spend their honeymoon in India. So they start their adventure in …

Sex & Philosophy

A 40 year old man who has celebrated his birthday alone by himself invites his four lovers to a dance class that he teaches in order to search for the roots of his own loneliness and by reminiscing the memories of how each of his love affairs were evolved and...

Afghan Alphabet

Mohsen Makhmalbaf tracks the children who do not attend school in the border villages between Iran and Afghanistan with his digital camera and questions why they are not being educated. He finds girls studying in UNICEF classes in one region. One of the girls is...


Nafas is a young Afghan journalist who has taken refuge in Canada. She receives a desperate letter from her little sister, who has stayed behind in Afghanistan and has decided to end her life before the imminently approaching eclipse of the sun. Nafas fled her...

Test Of Democracy

Mohsen Makhmalbaf whom is busy making the movie “The Door” on an island encounters many problems for making the movie with a 35 mm camera. The lack of facilities, censorship control on cinema equipment and the difficulty of working with non-professional and local...

The Door

An old man carries a worn-out wooden door, which is the last remainder of his belongings; on his shoulders in the desert and her masked daughter along with a goat follow him. The postman comes with a bicycle and brings a letter for the door that the old man is...


Korshid whom is a blind boy tunes new music instruments because of the sensitivity of his ears. Everyday he goes to the workshop from home with a bus. Her mother has advised him to put his finger in his ear so that the attractive sounds that he hears on his way...

A Moment Of Innocence

"An exquisite combination of personal history, documentary and fiction, in which the director and a police officer reconstruct a crucial incident that fatefully brought their lives together 20 years earlier."


Wind Ruined The School

An old man enters a nomadic school. The teacher thought he would be an inspector from training & Educational Ministry, so let him ask some question from the class to obtain what the average I.Q. is. While he gets the students as witness that he didn’t steal...


Gabbeh is a brilliantly colorful, profoundly romantic ode to beauty, nature, love and art. Mohsen Makhmalbaf originally traveled to the remote steppes of southeastern Iran to document the lives of an almost extinct tribe of nomads. For centuries, these wandering...

Salam Cinema

Mohsen Makhmalbaf gives an advertisement in the newspapers and informs those who are interested in acting that in a test some of them would be chosen for making a movie on the occasion of the hundredth year of the birth of the Cinema. On due day a lot of people...

Stone And Glass

An explanation about the glass production route along with humorous dialogues, which have been edited parallel to images from Charlie Chaplin’s movies.

The Actor

Akbar Abdi, the popular film actor has always wanted to act only in serious, art films, but a number of circumstances including financial problems force him to appear in commercial productions. Once again Abdi makes up his mind never to act in commercial movies,...

Images From The Ghajar Dynasty

A documentary report on paintings, photographs and the first cinematography images in Iran, which belongs to 90 years ago.

Once Upon A Time Cinema

The King, who is against cinema and censors the films himself, 
falls in love with one of the actresses of an old movie and in order to get hold of his lover he leaves the throne and goes after the cinema.

The Nights Of Zayandeh-rood

The film is about an anthropologist and his daughter, and it happens during three different periods: 
Before, during and after the revolution.

The daughter works in accidents and emergency department of a hospital, where they bring in different...

Time Of Love

First Narrative:
Young Gozal whose husband is a taxi driver has an affair with a young blond shoeshine boy. One day an old man who can’t hear well is recording the bird’s songs when he hears what they say to each other. So...

Marriage Of The Blessed

After Partial recovery from the impact of explosion waves, Haji a young combatant leaves hospital and advised by doctors to get married for perfect recuperation. His fiancée’s father is a businessman who is planning to marry his daughter to a rich man. While...

The Cyclist

Noghre, Nasim’s husband-an Afghani emigrant- is suffering from a bad disease, which the treatment needs a lot of money. Nasim hospitalizes him after a lot of begging and insisting so that she could go after the money they need. When a middleman finds out that...

The Peddler


Episode one: The Happy child
The fourth child of a poor couple, whom live in Halabiabad (a dispossessed place in Tehran), is born. In the maternity they tell them that if the child does not have good nutrition he would become...


Valeh is an irregular troop communist. His wife seeks a life and she is against the dangerous activities of her husband. When Vale takes his wife to the hospital for childbirth, he gets arrested in a Team-house and after being tortured and interrogated...

Fleeing From Evil to God


Five men run away from Evil. Evil comes there to welcome them and once again...

Two Blind Eyes



Iman whom likes to go to the front has some problems that...



Lotf-ali Khan whom is a retired bank employee and attached to his family has a heart-failure one night at home. His family take him to the cemetery as they think that he is dead but he gains consciousness before they bury him and his family run away of fright. No...