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Samira's Films

Two-legged Horse

In order to get the job, the boy has to participate in a contest with other poor children. Any one of the boys who can carry on his back a lame boy-who lost his legs in war-and take him to school and run like a horse will become the winner. A tough...

At five in the Afternoon

After the downfall of the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan a young girl puts effort to make the best use from the freedom existing in the new era for her own social growth as a woman.

September 11

The Name Of Episode: God, Construction, Destruction
After the Sept. 11th incident the Afghan refugees living in Iran were worried that America might attack Afghanistan.
Despite the concerns about America’s attack, a...


After the chemical bombing of Halabcheh in Iraq a number of Kurd refugee teachers seek for pupils who are willing to educate around the border as they carry their blackboards like Jesus’ crosses. One of them encounters a group of teenage smugglers...

The Apple

A father imprisons her two children in the house for 11 years from when they were 2 years old up to when they became 13 years old. When the neighbors become aware of the fact and inform the welfare ministry to come and help the children, the girls have...