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Daddy's School

It is a story of a unique family in the world;
A documentary on how a former political imprisoned revolutionary in a religious closed society like Iran, turned his house in to an open Film School and pave to way for his family to became world class film maker and top International award winners , including Cannes Venice , Berlin, San Sebastian , Locarno and many.

Director's View: 

This documentary looks  a story of  life time  film school which is lead by a man who once wanted to be Iran’s Che Guevara , but Cinema changed his life and also his family’s life style. 
Dissatisfied with what Islamic Revolution  brought for  Iranian people,  Mohsen Makhmalbaf who already learned cinema by himself through trial and error, decided to express his views through this media. Within few years he became one the Iranian pioneering film maker after the revolution and his films were very well received around the world, while he was hugely criticised and under pressure by the officials in Iran.
That was the time when her daughter, Samira , unhappy with Islamic schools, started an in- house riot  and decided to leave the school to seek his dreams in world of cinema. A great challenge for a father of three,  who himself didn’t finish secondary school at his time.


Original Title: Baba Film Darad
Director:Dự đoán kết quả xổ số miền bắc Hassan Solhjoo

Mohsen Makhmalbaf 
Marziyeh Meshkiny
Samira Makhmalbaf
Maysam Makhmalbaf
Hana Makhamalbaf
Carlos Homer
David Murphy
David Wilkins 
James Anderson 

Ali Farahani
Kasra Karimi

Sara Amini
Sound Trcak:
Silence by Majid Entezami 
Gabbeh by Hossein Alizadeh 
Door Mashoo by  Dolvatmand Khalov 
Beethoven 5th. symphony

Dự đoán kết quả xổ số miền bắc Hassan Solhjoo

Executive Producer:
Lara Petrossians 
Jane Taylor
72 minutes, Color, © 2014
Short version 59 min
International Sales: Hassan Solhjoo

  1. Busan international Film Festival, South Korea, 2014
  2. Beirut International Film Festival, Lebenan, 2014
  3. International Film Festival of India (GOA ), India, 2014
  4. Women's Worlds (Tubingen) Film Festival, Germany, 2014
  5. Larochelle Intertnational Film Festival, France, 2014
  6. Bishkek International Film Festival, Kyrgyzstan, 2014
  7. Didor International Film Festival, Tajikistan,  2014