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Green Days

Ava is a depressed Iranian Girl. She goes to psychologist for treatment. She sees past political incident in Iran as the cause of her depression. 
The psychologist advise her to do some labor work like cleaning the staircases and even asks her to work on a play. However, her play, which is inspired by the reality and the problem in her society, gets banned. 
Suddenly people get their hopes together and come out to street and decide to participate in the election to vote against the current president. But Ava still doesn’t believe change will come. She goes out and starts to talk to people in street trying to regain her hopes back....

International Awards: 
  1. Green Days: "Best Director Award" From Human Rights International Film Festival, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2010 (Hana Makhmalbaf dedicated her award to an Iranian artist and filmmaker Mr.Nourizad who has been in prison on the grounds of writing painful, frank, daring and explicit letters to Khamenei "The main director of suppressing Iranian people" and has sacrificed his personal interests and benefits, for Iranian people.)
  2. Green days: "Human Right Award" for courageous commitment in defending of human rights of women from Terre des Femmes ( Tuebingen) film festival, Germany, 2009 ( Hana Makhmalbaf dedicated her award to to Mr.Amirentezam for spending 30 years in prison for his fight for democracy)
  3. " The bravery Prize" From the 66th Venice International Film Festival, Italy, 2009
Director's View: 

I am not a sociologist but my film is sociological. My camera works like a mirror to show you the Iranian society undergoing a revolution with all its hopes and doubts. 
I prefer not to explain this film as the people in the film paint a clear picture of their situation and themselves.


Original Title: Rouzhaye Sabz
Director & Scriptwriter: Hana Makhmalbaf 
Cinematographer: Mohammad Yazdi 
Soundman: Shahab 
Editor: Babak Karimi 
Music: Azad Aslani , Arman Aslani 
Production assistant: Ali , Mehdi 
Translator: Parandis 
With special thanks to: 
Production: Wild Bunch / Makhmalbaf Film House
International Sales:
Makhmalbaf Film House
Wild Bunch (France)
Iran, 72 minutes, Colour, 2009

  1. Tokyo Filmex International Film Festival, Japan 2009 
  2. Tuebingen International Film Festival, Germany 2009 
  3. Copenhagen International Film Festival, Denmark 2009 
  4. Lisbon International Film Festival, Portugal 2009 
  5. Nuremberg International Film Festival, Germany 2009 
  6. San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain 2009 
  7. Toronto International Film Festival, Canada 2009 
  8. Official section Venice International Film Festival, Italy 2009