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Nafas is a young Afghan journalist who has taken refuge in Canada. She receives a desperate letter from her little sister, who has stayed behind in Afghanistan and has decided to end her life before the imminently approaching eclipse of the sun. Nafas fled her country during the Taliban civil war. She decides to go and help her sister in Kandahar and attempts to cross the Iran – Afghanistan border …

International Awards: 
  1. "The Ecumenical Award" from the World Council of Churches , Cannes, 2001, France
  2. “Federico Fellini Medal” from UNESCO in Paris, 2001, France
  3. "Public Prize" from Festival des Cinemas du Sud, 2001, France
  4. "Best Actress Award" from Montreal Neuveau Cinema Nouveaux Media Film Festival, 2001, Canada 
  5. UNESCO "Honorary Diploma” for Kandahar Actress, 2001, France
  6. "FIPRESCI Award" from Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2001, Greece
  7. "Freedom of Expression Award"from National Board of Review, 2001, USA
  8. The best movie from Ajaccio Film Festival France, 2001
  9. "Best Director Award"from Riga International Film Forum Arsenals, Latvia 2002

Original Title: Safare Ghandahar
Screenwriter, Editor & Director: Moshen Makhmalbaf

Director of Photography: Ebrahim Ghafouri
Original music: Mohamad Reza Darvishi
Behrouz Shahamat 
Faroukh fadai
Assistant Directors:
Mojtaba Mirtahmaseb
Kaveh Moinfar
Set Designer: Akbar Meshkini
Assistant Directors of Photography:
Hossein Amiri 
Hashem Gerami
Sound designer & Mix: Hossein Mahdavi
Assistant Editor: Mastaneh Mohajer
Still Photographer: M.R.sharifiniya
Production Manager: Siamak Alagheband
Production Assistant: Abbas Sagharisaz
Makhmalbaf Film House (Iran)
Bac Fillms (France)
2001 / 35 mm / color / mono / 85 minutes / 1:1.85 format 

International Sales:
Makhmalbaf Film House
Wild Bunch (France)

  1. Cannes Film Festival (in official Competion), France 2001.
  2. Moscow Film Festival, Russia 2001.
  3. Munich Film Festival, Germany 2001.
  4. Montreal Film Festival, Canada 2001.
  5. Toronto Film Festival, Canada 2001.
  6. Festival des Cinemas du Sud, France 2001.
  7. New York’s Colombia University, USA 2001.
  8. Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan 2001.
  9. Pusan Film Festival,South Korea 2001
  10. Bayeux Festival, France 2001.
  11. Valladolid Film Festival, Spain 2001.
  12. Sao Paulo Film Festival, Brazil 2001.
  13. Montreal Nouveaux Cinema Media Film Festival, Canada 2001.
  14. Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece 2001
  15. Tokyo Filmex Festival , Japan 2001
  16. Edinburg Film Festival, United Kingdom 2001.
  17. Boston, Museum of fine Arts, USA 2001.
  18. Riga Film Forum Arsenals,Latvia 2002
  19. Singapore Film Festival 2002
  20. Belgerad Film Festival, Yugoslavia, 2002.
  21. Gotteburg film Festival, Sweden 2002.
  22. Fajr Film Festival, Iran 2002.
  23. Skopje Film Festival,, Macedonia 2002.
  24. Sofia Film Festival, Bulgaria 2002.
  25. Rabat, Cinematheque Film Festival, Marocco 2002.
  26. Arsenal Film Festival, Riga, Letonia 2002.
  27. Ljubljana Film Festival, slovenia 2002.