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Korshid whom is a blind boy tunes new music instruments because of the sensitivity of his ears. Everyday he goes to the workshop from home with a bus. Her mother has advised him to put his finger in his ear so that the attractive sounds that he hears on his way do not attract him and cause him to lose his way. But the temptations of the sounds take him to different places everyday and put him in problems of his life.

International Awards: 
  1. Golden Prize of Italian Parliament - Venice Festival (Italy) 1997.
  2. Human, Art and Nature Award - Venice Festival (Italy) 1997.

Original Title: Sokout
Script writer, Director, Editor, Set designer: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Tahmineh Normat Ova
Nadereh Abdollah Yeva
Director of photography: Ebrahim Ghafouri
Executive Manager: Mohammad Ahmadi
Director’s assistants:
Samira Makhmalbaf
Marziyeh Meshkiny
Akbar Meshkini
Sound: Behrouz Shahamat
Script Supervisor: Hana Makhmalbaf
Still Photographer: Maysam Makhmalbaf
Production: Makhmalbaf Film House, MK2 
74 Minutes

International Sales:
Makhmalbaf Film House
MK2 (France)

  1. Venice Film Festival (in official Competion), Italy 1998.
  2. Pusan Film Festival, South Korea 1998.
  3. Montreal Film Festival, Canada 1998.
  4. Toronto Film Festival, Canada 1998.
  5. Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia 1999.
  6. Tokyo Film Festival, Japan 1999.
  7. Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece 1998.
  8. Rotterdam Film Festival, Netherland 1999.
  9. IND Film Festival, Argentina 1999.
  10. Hong Kong Film Festival, Hong Kong 1999.
  11. Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey 1999.
  12. Popcorn Film Festival, Sweden 1999.
  13. Durban Film Festival, South Africa 1999.
  14. Munich Film Festival, Germany 1999.
  15. Melbourne Film Festival, Australia 1999.
  16. Film From the South Film Festival, Denmark 1999.
  17. Warsaw Film Festival, Poland 1999.
  18. Black nights Film Festival, Estonia 1999.
  19. Singapore Film Festival, Singapore 1999.
  20. Sanok Film Festival ,Pologne 2001.