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Two-legged Horse

In order to get the job, the boy has to participate in a contest with other poor children. Any one of the boys who can carry on his back a lame boy-who lost his legs in war-and take him to school and run like a horse will become the winner. A tough contest takes place and finally, the boy wins.
The boy in exchange for one dollar a day as wages has to carry the lame boy like a horse on his back and take him to and bring him back from school every day. When he carries the lame boy on his back he races with donkeys and horses in the street. The boy bathes the lame boy and washes him and puts him on the swing and instead. But the lame boy is not happy with the boy because he has not turned into a horse as the lame boy wished.

International Awards: 


  1. Special Mention award, Rome International Film Festival, Italy, 2008.
  2. Georges Delerue Award, for best music, Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium 2008.
  3. The Special Jury Prize, From the 56th San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain, 2008.
Director's View: 

Dự đoán kết quả xổ số miền bắc I want to know how far a relationship between two people can go. On one hand, two people go all the way to the ultimate love and friendship and sacrifice for each other and on the other hand, one exploits the other like an animal. Meanwhile, through this film I attempt to discover the edge of human tolerance and how much can a human bear to meet his needs and become transformed. Let’s ask ourselves how many times has each of us become somebody else’s horse? Or used someone as our horse?


Original Title: Asbe Du Pa
Directed by: Samira Makhmalbaf
Ziya Mirza Mohamad
Haron Ahad
Gol Gotai Karimi
Khojeh Nader
Yasin Tavildar
Scriptwriter & Editor: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Assistants Director:
Marziyeh Meshkiny 
Farid Pirayesh
Mehdi Zafari
Director of Photography: Farzad Jodat
Sound Recordist: Farokh Fadaei
Sound Designer & Mix: Hossein Mahdavi
Music: Tolibkhon Shahidi
Set Designer: Akbar Meshkini
Still photographer & Making of: Hana Makhmalbaf
Assistant Editor: Dilovar Sultonov
Production Manager: Zahra Kamalian
Executive Producer: Mehrdad Zonnour
Produced by: Makhmalbaf Film House / Wild Bunch
International Sales:
Makhmalbaf Film House
Wild Bunch (France)
Afganistan, 2008



  1. Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium 2008
  2. Rome International Film Festival, Italy 2008 
  3. Pusan International Film Festival, Korea 2008 
  4. San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain 2008 
  5. Toronto International Film Festival, Canada 2008